Another quick note

Hello again!


I've promised you another review, but unfortunately I can't write it now :( I'm leaving for Ljubljana in half an hour or so, because tomorrow morning I'll have an exam. Wish me luck! Tuesday I have another exam, so I'll be studying till then and that means no blogging :(
But still there are some news! I've been doing some on-line shopping and some stuff already arrived!

I've got a very cute bracelet and pair of earrings (+ another freebie pair of earrings) from Princess Diary Accessories! You can't even imagine how cute they are! :) I'll take some pictures ASAP as I finish with my exams (next Wednesday)! Till then keep your fingers crossed for me! ♥

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

Good LUCK!!! :)

Emily said...

aww..its ok

thanks for telling us

hehe ^_^ i cant wait to see it tho!

have a great day

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

Good luck babe!!! sure u can do well!! :)

rhaindropz said...

*good luck to your exam hun*

love lots,

~tHiAmErE~ said...

goodluck on the exam,hun!

i know you can make it!

Parisky said...

Thank you girls! :) Hopefully I did well :) But I'm glad it's over.