Package received + mini haul

Hi! After quite some time I have finally received a package from Pink Coast Designs. It took some time but now It's finally here!
My honey ordered this cute little necklace for me because he knows how much I love Paris.
It came in a cute little package wrapped up with an even cuter pink ribbon with stones (and with a lovely note). Unfortunately it also came a little bit crushed :( But fortunately the necklace was in excellent condition.
Here are the pictures of Love, from Paris necklace.

I love it! ♥

But that's not all :)
While on vacation I have bought a very cute shampoo + balsam for my hair (I forgot to take it with me). I've been using this trademark for some time and I love their new design! :)

I've also bought some notebooks for my studying with Hello Kitty!
The colors are more saturated than on this pic :/

And last but not least I bought some postcards from my trip to Vršič. I collect them since little :)

And here is a teaser picture for you of my next post (hmm a mystery :)

Can you guess what will it be about? Here is a hint: review ...

XOXO Parisky


Stephanie said...

I love that necklace also. I have been thinking about ordering it.

verina oei said...

umm u going to paris soon?
yeah the necklace real cutee

rhaindropz said...

wow, how sweet your bf was =) i already missed your posts =)

so how's the vacation?

oopss, i nominated you for an award =)(see my blog)

love lots,

♥~ WinWin ~♥ said...

nice necklace.. hope u rec mine soon too~ haha~~ and the hint? issit abt ur nails? ooo.. i love the hello kitty note book~~ hahaa

Parisky said...

Stephanie: It's very cute and a good buy :)

Verina: oh, I really hope so! :)

Rhaindropz: Thank you ;D The vacation was great! :) I wrote about it in a previous post :) I've seen the award and I'm going to write a post about it :)

WinWin: I hope that too! :) Can't wait!
you got it right about the nails ;)

Pink Coast Designs said...

Thank you so much for the post ~ sorry about the slow shipping, unfortunately that's First Class timing... next time priority might be a good choice since delivery time is two weeks or less. The necklace looks great on you!