Haul + Package! :)

Yesterday I went with my honey ♥ to shopping in Trieste but unfortunately most of the stores were closed because of their religious holiday. So I only got this super cute pink bag! :) It's actually more of a salmon pink than baby pink. I have discovered that salmon pink is definitely my 2nd favourite color! My absolute favourite from ever! is green (lime green and the color of growing grass)

After that we went to our local shop and I picked up this super girly skirt and dress.
The skirt is actually darker than it is in this photo :) and the dress is a vivid salmon pink! :D


And today I received a package from Jia Acessory. I won this interesting and cute necklace.

(my name is Helena) :)

I'll do a photoshoot just for you to show you how it looks like on me ;)

XOXO Parisky


Sherry said...

everything is lovely :)



Miss Odukoya xx said...

You got some really cute stuff..I am totally a fan of any type of pink..

rhaindropz said...

dear, i loved the pink bag =) so girly

robin_titan said...

I REALLY want to enter your giveaway but is it open to U.S readers?


Parisky said...

Thank you all :)

Robin_titan: It's open to all! :) From every part of the world :D