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I was tagged by the lovely Rhain!
The rules:
  1. Open your first photo folder
  2. Scroll down to the 10th photo.
  3. Post that photo and story on your blog.
  4. Tag five others (or more) friends to do the same
Here is the photo.

This photo was taken on a student party last year. When I still had my natural hair color. :)
I'm the one on the left :P and the girl next to me is Darja (a girl from my school).
This party was as a gathering for all (ex) classmates :)

I'm tagging these girls ;)

- Tamara
- Tali


Tamara said...

Omg omg omg xD!
Dooobro noo... :P Bom doma.

Parisky said...

Zakaj omg :P

rhaindropz said...

dear, thanks for doing this tag =)

im excited to see what is added on your giveaway stuff =)

Parisky said...

Rhain :) Thank you :) I will post the pictures ASAP as I get more stuff :D

rhaindropz said...

dear, i have already do a repost of my funny face contest entry.. take a look =)