Trip to Čaven and Most na Soči

Hello there :) Yesterday my bf asked me if I would like to go to a trip/excursion with him to Čaven (actually Kucelj on Čaven - that is a small mountain 1239 m located in the Trnovo Forest) and maybe to go swimming to Most na Soči. And I said yes ;)

Here are the new pictures!

We started at a mountain cabin and right at start we saw lots of raspberries! And of course I had to pick them up! All of them ;)
But there were so many of them next to all the path. So eventually I got tired of picking them up and being burned by stinging nettles (that were mixed with raspberries).
And hey I know I'm very pale :P Actually this is me with TAN! :P

We saw many flowers:

This one shot my bf ;)

3 dogs (one was a little bit behind) You can see that the grey one was barking at us :P

A wonderful meadow

Some strange things? We thought that the skiing boot was made into a bird house

Some other animals (most of them flying ants and flies)

The peak

Me and the view

After that we went to bathe in Soča :) On the way there we stopped at some Restaurant? That has many animals outdoors.

Mama boar with babies!
And some other birds (peacocks, ducks and other to me unknown birds)

They also had some goats and a rabbit.

And than we finally went swimming. The water was freezing cold and the sunshine was saying goodbye ;)

And that was the end of our trip:

My bf driving ;)

And me posing (my I tore my shirt when I was changing swimsuits, so I had to walk around "half naked" :/)

And without the glasses and taken with my cellphone

That's all ;)

XOXO Parisky

And what I'll write next?

- Ulzzang inspied pictures :P
- OOTD for the beach
- fashion trends
-favourite fashion designer
-contest entry
- some reviews (like mascara, creams, ...)