My trip to Gorge Vintgar and the Castle of Bled

Hello there! :) After a week here are (finally) the pictures of my and my boyfriends trip to Gorge Vintgar. I won't be saying much about it, so this post will be more of a photo story :) The Gorge is beautiful, full of water and life. Near the water the air is really refreshing but when you move away from the water the warmer it gets.

This is our Salmo trutta

When we came out of the Gorge It was so hot! So of course I had to try out the water.
It was freezing cold! You can see it by my red legs :P

After that we went to the Castle of Bled

The view from the castle

It was fun :)

XOXO Parisky

What I'll write next:

- Ulzzang inspied pictures :P
- OOTD for the beach
- fashion trends
-favourite fashion designer
-contest entry


Tali said...

GREAT photos! (love the last one.. so cute couple!!)
What camera do you use?? It takes great photos!

Tamara said...

Kaj si imela to obleceno?

Parisky said...

Tali: Thank you! :) Well I use Canon 40D (really not mine) or my bf's Nikon D90 (sometimes)
Tamara: ze povedala :P