Fashion icons: Victoria Becham

Today I'll be talking about Victoria Beckham as a Fashion Icon :)
I know many people won't agree with me, but I think she really is a fashion icon.
Just look at this picture

She has got amazing shoes! :) and the skirt is just something very elegant yet girly :)
Well, I love everything about her, except for her breasts implants and no bra (and her anorexia issues).
I think that she has proven herself with outstanding outfits and inimmaginable combinations :) And we all know who started the pixie haircut trend :)

And here are some other pictures of her:

So what do you think girls?


Chrystina said...

How I do love Victoria Beckham. She IS a Fashion Icon. To me a fashion icon isn't someone that I love their every outfit, but someone who's passion for fashion is completely evident and they take risks in their own personal style. And really KNOW their own personal style. Victoria is incredible, and she may have some weird outfits sometimes but she OWNS IT whatever she is wearing and that is fashion icon status. She is lovely!!

Parisky said...

I couldn't agree more with you! :)

Sassy Jadore said...

I like VB, but I like her earlier looks better than now. I was inspired by her bob hairstyle that I ended up cutting my hair shorter. =)

Narita said...

I adore her fashion sense! She's def a Fashion Icon!

Parisky said...

I was inspired by her bob haircut too :) I cut too my hair (and was later sorry) :P

Miss LeeAnn said...

I like her style, but I DON'T like her. ;) But yeah, you could say she's a fashion icon. Her clothes rocks!

Parisky said...

Definitely! :)