NOTD a fast review

I have already mentioned my lately let's call it obsession with nail polishes, right? :)
So, here are a few examples of my nails in the past month (some of the images are really blurry- mobilephone camera).

Right now I have got a combination of light pink base (whole nail)+ fuchsia tips + glitter all over the nail. You can see it on the first picture, but it was taken with a mobilephone camera. Tomorrow I'll do a tutorial how to color your nails for a gradient effect :)

As you can see I mostly use S-he polishes and Essence, I have got some of Alessandro (but they are crap!), Manhattan, L'oreal and Oriflame.

XOXO Parisky


Sassy Jadore said...

Hi sweetie~
Thanks for dropping by my blog. =)
Those are awesome nail colors and designs. Great job!

Parisky said...

Thank you! :)