Yesterday's haul

Yesterday I went shopping! :)
This is what I bought:

-Burda, so I'll finally learn how to sew! :) And because It has got so many nice designs! :)

- Vaseline from Balea (for the nails -- look at my tutorial)
- SO WANTED nail polish from Essence (gorgeous color)
- yellow (number 393) and a raspberry pink nail polish with glitter
(number 224) from S-he
- nail polish corrector pencil from Essence (that pink like pen thing)
- Essence down the beach white waterproof cream eyeshadow
- Essence XXXL Shine gloss (J'adore it!)
- Essence nail art jewels (stones, that I forgot to take a picture of)

That means I'll do a review soon about something :P

XOXO Parisky