NOTD glittery purple bazaar + colorama + FOTD random

Hello ladies! :) Today was the 19th day of my diet that means there are only 12 days to go :D The diet is going great so far and I've been exercising regularly for the past 19 days :D Today I went running/walking on a treadmill (too lazy to actually run today) and to Body Jam. It was AMAZING! I love body jam :D You come in a bad mood/lazy and you leave happy and full of energy!

Anyway today I'll present you my little voodoo vampire keychain, some NOTDs and a FOTD.
Isn't he a funny little guy? :D
Here is my yesterday's NOTD. I borrowed this color from a schoolmate :D It's from Colorama (Maybelline) but I don't know the name or number. It is a pretty shiny purple.
Unfortunately it chipped pretty quickly so I applied on top of it my frankenpolish purple bazaar (improved with glitter). This was the result:
The actual color is actually pretty hard to capture and the little square on the right is pretty close to it. If you'll check the link to my frankenpolish you can see it's actual color (it's a more warm purple than blueish).

And finally to my today's FOTD. I've used purple eyeshadow for my eyes and a hot pink for my lips. I'm not really sure you can see the eye shadow on this pictures :/ Ah, mobile phone's camera .... I'll do another EOTD this weekend :D

My sister commented this picture with: It's a pretty picture but you look stoned. LOL
So here is (hopefully) a better one.
This is all for today.
Thank you for looking,
XOXO Parisky


Emily said...

so so pretty!!! love the nails, that color is just so perfect! and your makeup is always so nice!

Mimilainna said...

oo i wish i was doing good on a diet. im just on the "nothing to eat in the house diet" :( but i love love that lil vampire!

Tali said...

That little vampire is so bloody cute! lol :))

You look great as always love the hair in the photos! I wish my hair was not straight!!

Jian said...

Omg! The little vampire is adorable

Annd I love the polish, both with and without glitters! You have such nice nail shape! =D

And you look soo pretty~

Parisky said...

Emily: Thank you thank you thank you :D

Mimilanna: Well of course there are days when I'm not doing that well on my diet but overall it's a big success (diet+exercise=win) :) I know that nothing to eat in the house diet :/ and than you end up eating junk food :/

Tali: He really is :D Thank you (and I love your hair) :)

Jian: Thank you :D Thank you and thank you :D ;)