Review: Eyeko nail polishes

Today I decided to do a review of Eyeko nail polishes. Now I have them for some time and I have tried them all.
Here they are in all beauty:

So, let's start with vamp polish (for nasty nails) and Saucy red nail polish (for naughty nails).

The vamp polish looks black, but in reality it is a deep blue color. I applied two coats. I think it is really pretty but it wore off almost the exact second you put it on (instantaneous white tips!). The nail polish seems it dries out very quickly (in the bottle) and it is a mission to open those bottles.

Saucy red polish applies very nicely and stays on for some days.

Ah, the pastel nail polish (for nice nails)! As pretty as it looks like it is a pain applying it! I takes at least three coats to get this results and it dries forever (even with three coats you can see the unevenness of the nail polish). Because of many layers it cracks/peels off very easily.

Pretty nail polish (for neat nails) has got the same issues as the pastel nail polish.
Punk polish (for neon nails) is gorgeous! It lasted a whole week without cracking or getting white tips!

And last my favourite of all:

Disco nail polish (for nightime nails). I love it! It looks like it must be really hard to clean it off your nails, but actually it gets off very easily! On the picture is just ONE coat! Isn't that amazing?
Even though it is amazing it has got one major issue. This.

This is how the brush looks like. It makes it almost impossible to be precise. It also seems this nail polish is almost dried (it's very thick) and it smells badly.

+ the colors
+ the price
+ the packaging (very cute)
+ the names :)

- the smell
- instantaneous white tips (except: disco, punk, saucy)
- the packaging (very hard to open)
- they last only 6 months once opened

I really like the colors :) If you change your nail polishes daily I'd say go for it! But if you wear your manicure for a week or more, I would reccomand you only the most durable ones.

EDIT: After exactly 6 months the already thick Disco Polish has completely dried out. 

XOXO Parisky


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! If I wer into nail polish I'd buy them as they're very cute. Buuuut I feel a deep passion for eyeshadows and so I always prefer them.:-) Aynways, having been at your sister's blog with some news I'd like to shock you with the fact that I have nominated you for 2 Blog Awards, too. You deserve them as much as your sister. See here: http://mylanqolia.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/blog-award-i/ and http://mylanqolia.wordpress.com/2009/11/04/blog-award-ii/
Have fun with them! XOX

Parisky said...

Mylanqolia: Thank you for your comment :) And thank you for the nominations! :) I will definitely accept them! :)