Gifts, prizes and shopping!

I'm so excited to show you what I got :D

I received a prize from Tali (I won her glitter contest), a new year present from my friend, an early gift for my birthday from my sister and I went shopping and actually found something for me!
Let's start:

Tali's prize
Cosmetics from Twilight (yes, they actually made a makeup brand from the movie) and a gorgeous nail polish from Butter London.

I absolutely love the package twilight makeup comes in! Just look at it :D
Without the boxes:

From left to right:

1. Butter London nail polish in Chancer
2. Luna Twliligh just bitten lip staining balm in lullaby
3. Luna Twliligh femme fatale lip gloss in surrender
4. Luna Twliligh femme fatale lip gloss in drizzle

And the swatches just for you :)

The gloss is very rich, creamy and moisturising :) The drizzle is a clear gloss with silver glitter in it, surrender is pink-brown (actually very close to my natural lip color) and lullaby is supposed to be pink (on their page) but is more orange in real life. The glosses smell very sweet, like vanilla, the staining balm reminds me a little bit of ginger cookies (mmm).

My friend's gift:

My friend went to Paris for new year (envy) and since she knows how much I love (no, j'adore is a better word) Paris she got me some things:

A key chain with an Eiffel Tower, a lipstick and the name Paris

A super cute pocket mirror (double mirror)

And a black T-shirt with an Eiffel Tower and a writing (with little rhinestones) Paris j'adore.

My sister's gift
My birthday is approaching and since I won't be able to give my gift to my sister (twin) we already exchanged gifts :)

She got me jojoba oil and Manhattan's eyeshadow base.
I've heard so many good things about jojoba oil! I've already tested it and it feels very refreshing on my skin. I hope the eyeshadow base will help me with my makeup getting in the crease :)

And now to the final part: shopping!
I think today was the third time I went shopping this week. The first time was on Monday and I went with a friend (the same that gave me the gift). She went looking for some things for her bf and I went to find some clothes. After more than 3 hours I had nothing (my wallet was very happy) and she had lots of clothes (for herself) :P
The second time I went on Thursday and I found this lovely dress in H&M.
Unfortunately this picture was taken with a cellphone

And today I went shopping to Trieste and finally found some clothes :)

I got these:

I think this long shirt is gorgeous!

I love Marylin Monroe :)

A simple white(ish) pullover (stretchy, that's why it looks so strange)

And a nice black shirt/dress :)

Overall: I'm very very happy :D

P.S. The images are clickable

Thank you for looking and for your comments!

XOXO Parisky


Gaby said...

I'm really a fan of Twilight, but I agree, those packages are nice!

Parisky said...

I'm a big fan of Twilight saga too, but I think that with making this makeup brand they've taken this marketing thing too far.