Lots of snow!

Today I went shopping with my bf :) and on the way back we stopped to take a picture or two (with his mobile phone) of lots and lots of snow. Last night and day it was snowing like crazy and today there is more than half a meter of snow! Woow :) Everything is so peaceful when there is so much snow but the down side is the roads are half unploughed :/

Anyway here are some pictures I took for you to see. It looks like winter fairytale :)
I played a little bit with them in Photoshop (especially the first one) :D

I love snow but I hate freezing up (ironic, huh?) and walking in the melting snow.

What about you? Do you like snow?

XOXO Parisky


duckalicious said...

I hate snow!!! =)

Parisky said...

Duckalicious: haha I figured that out from your last post :D

Make-up Addict said...

Oh wow, it looks so pretty! We had snow this year but it's nothing compared to what you have.

Personally I hate snow. I don't mind looking at it from the warmth of my own home but going out in it...no thanks! Lol xx

Parisky said...

Make-up Addict: It really is pretty, the sun is shining :D hehe :) It's fun jumping in the snow (of course warmly dressed) ;) XX