NOTD: Sinful Colors I love you + voting time :)

I finally changed my manicure to something purple (again)! Lately I've been really obsessed with purple (nail polishes and makeup, but, if I had any purple clothes I would be definitely wearing it now).

For this manicure I've used Sinful Colors I love you and the very pretty stickers from Fing'rs :D

The application of the nail polish was without a problem, it is a little bit too runny for my taste but the color is gorgeous. I've applied 3 coats and then ruined my manicure :/ But because I love this color so much, I cleaned all off and re-applied everything (I was really angry :P). In the bottle the color is a deep purple (this time the mobile phone camera captured the purple!! *happy dance*) with pink glitter in it that is well visible in the light.

I've applied a coat of Frenzy (SC) on my thumb and it's very sparkly now.

My poor cuticles with all the acetone :/ Does anyone know something that would help my cuticles (and hands - very dry because of the weather)?

P.S. Remember my post about Parokeets Contes? Well now it's time to vote. You can vote here (the pool is on the bottom right side)
I've entered with this EOTD

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

uuu pjaze manikura.
Drugace pa krema za roke in za obnohtno kozico jojobino olje :). Pred vsako manikuro uporabis to olje in potisnes kozico gor in operes roke, uporabis aceton/kis na nohtu da ti ne gre lak dol kot nalepka in to je to :).
Potem pa lahko tako vsake toliko uporabis vazelin na obnohtni kozici, da se ti ne izsusi (vazelin ne vlazi, ampak ujame vlago ali w/e).

Parisky said...

Tamara: Hvala :) Aaa eko :) Hvala :D