My top ten products so far

Hello lovelies!

Lately I've been thinking what are my top products I have ever used?
I came out with a top ten list. Here it is:

10. Vaseline

Actually I never knew it was so useful until I found this page (50 uses of Vaseline). This product really is amazing and the very important thing it is non-comedogenic (doesn't clog pores)! I use it every time after I take a shower on my feet (I apply a generous amount) and put on socks over night or just for a couple of hours. It leaves your feet smooth an soft. I use it for my lips, dry skin and on my cuticles.
And what's the biggest plus? It's cheap!

9. Anti-spot body spray by Essence

I've been using this for months now :) It really helps and it is much much cheaper than Clinique Acne Solutions Body Treatment Spray (a really short name :P) and it does exactly the same plus it doesn't smell so artificially. Actually I did a review of it a while ago. Here.

8. Curls Rock Curl Amplifier from Tigi

I have curls and curls tend not to stay on their place and to get nods. This baby really helps to give your hair that va-va-voom effect and extra pretty curls :)

7. False Lash Effect mascara from Max Factor

I have written everything about it in a previous review. Here. I still love it! :)

6. 88 matte palette from Coastal Scents

I love love love it! If you don't know which shade to get just buy this palette and you've got it all :) It has got 88 shades of different pigmentation. Some of them tend to expire very quickly in my crease but other can stay on my eyes for more than 12 hours! I got this palette last year and since than I did not look at any other new eyeshadow (because with this palette you almost don't need it). And another plus? It's only 19 $ :)

5. Ultimate Brow kit from Wet n wild

Before this kit I was using Dior powder eyebrow pencil and I was loving it. But than I saw a review of this kit and decided to give it a try. After that I stopped using Dior pencil. Why? Well there was nothing wrong with that pencil but it was just a shade (or two) too dark for my eyebrows. This kit is supposed to be for brunettes & blondes but in reality it can get really dark (sometimes too dark for my eybrows to look natural). But still the brush is just amazing and you can control the amount of color you get on your brows. If they get too dark (that happens quite a lot to me) you just sweap off the excess (gently). This kit comes with wax, a lighter shade for blondes, a darker one for brunettes, a pair of tweezers, a brush and a mirror. It's small and handy plus it's really cheap compared to Dior :D

4. BB cream from Skinfood

I got this one after my sister tried it out. It smells like lime grass and it covers up most of your imperfections. It's like foundation mixed with cram but it's good for your skin :) It is a whitening, anti-wrinkle cream and it has got SPF 20 :) If this is the first time you're hearing about this. It really helps your acne to go away and leaves your skin glowing. I did a review here.

3. Green tea overnight skin rejuvenating from Sweetscents

I was told about this one too by my sister :D It dries out your acne. It is a miracle product! You leave it on overnight and by morning your pimple is gone or at least half gone. And that is something! Here is the Sweetscents page that explains this product.

2. Essie Good to Go

An essential product for anyone who does their manicures at home! It really dries out your nail polish super fast :) No more smudging and ruining your precious fresh manicure!

1. Jojoba oil

I love it, no j'adore it! It's my Holy Grail :D This is really the best EVER product I've EVER tired! It's multipurpose and it's natural! I use it instead of my cream (this winter has made my skin extra sensitive and every cream irritates it), for my hands, on my dried hair (it's better that Tigi Curl's Rock Curl Amplifier - and it's natural) and as a makeup remover (just a few drops and everything goes away). Read more here.

That's all girls! :)
I will do all the missing reviews of this products so expect some (quite) soon :)

P.S. Most of the pictures were found on the web (except for Anti-body spray, False Lash Effect, Green tea overnight ... and jojoba oil)

What is your Holy Grail product?

XOXO Parisky


Tali said...

Im addicted to jojoba oil because of you!!! Lol Its all your fault i have like 3 mini bottles on my desk! Love the stuff!!

Great list.. i really like the look of the eyebrow kit. Great review of the products!! x

Tamara said...

hehee :)) Glavno da je vecina HG my fault ;))).
Ql, pjaze.

Parisky said...

Tali: haha I'm glad to be guilty of that ;) Jojoba oil really is magic :) Thank you! But the real reviews will come soon :)

Tamara: hahaha itak :P

Thumby11 said...

vaseline je super:)

Gabriela said...

Very interesting. I have pointed some of the products ;)

Anonymous said...

Kje lahko kupim vazelin? /:
- Drugače pa hud post. :D

Parisky said...

Nuša ann: v dm-ju jo imajo od balee in stane okrog 1 evra Imajo jo tudi v millerju in mislim da je okrog 2-3 evre.

Parisky said...

Thumby11: res je ;)

Anonymous said...

Pa ravno v DM-u sem gledala pa nisem videla. Bom šla v Muller. (: Hvala. (:

Parisky said...

Nuša Ann: Sem tudi jaz gledala in ga nisem videla :P Pa sem šla še enkrat in še vprašala prodajalko (sanjalo se ji ni) in ga končno zagledam med kremami za roke (zraven ognjiča)! Ima tako čisto anonimno embalažo. :D

Anonymous said...

Danes sem šla še 1x in sem res temeljito pogledala.. Sploh pri kremah (tisto z ognjičem sem celo kupila) in ni bilo. Prodajalkin argument: Smo umaknili iz prodaje. Seveda, česa pa ne umaknete. <.<

Drugače pa hvala. (:
(god bless muller)

Parisky said...

Nuša Ann: Ah ja ... te prodajalke so pravi biseri. Damn. Samo embalaža je še bolj anonimna kot prej (neverjetno ... sem gledala ta vaseline 5 min in sploh nisem zaštekala da je to to - rumeno-bela kvadratasta škatlica z belo nalepko ... bolj anonimno kot tako). No, v mullerju je manj anonimna zadeva (rumena) :)

Drugače pa ni problema. Se mi zdi da bom kar en walkthrough s slikicami objavla ;)

Anonymous said...

Me vsaj ni vprašala kaj je vazelin, kot so sposobne. ((:

Walktrough pa kar. (H)

Anonymous said...

No da povem, da sem danes bila (spet) v DM-u in še enkrat isto prodajalko prašala, če slučajno držijo vazelin, pa mi je zatrdila da ga oni ne prodajajo. Nato sem ga našla med kremami za roke, Baleinega. -.-"

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Nuša Ann: no, še dobro da si našla :) Tale od Balee je fajn, ker nima nobenih parfumov ali česarkoli drugega razen petroleum jelly not :)

Blu11 said...

I love posts like this! :) I adore jojoba oil too. <3

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Blu11: That's always good to know :)