EOTD: Simply Colorful + mini haul

Helllooooo :))

I went to the only store that sells wet n wild in Slovenia. I wanted to get some nail polishes but they only have like 10 colors and all are kind of classically blah. But I've read some good things about their lipsticks so I decided to give them a try. I bought 2 lipsticks (one orange with sheer coverage and pink with total coverage). I also got 2 Gosh eye pencils (lemon soda & blueberry ice) discounted! :D

How the lipsticks look like

1. Orange one (25)

2. Pink one (32)

I really like them :) They last for long time! But the smell reminds me of old lipsticks (boh?)

And now to the very very simple eye makeup I wore today. I just used the new Gosh pencils.


XOXO Parisky


Anonymous said...

Gosheva svinčnika sta tako osvežilna. (: Zdaj sem dobila idejo da presedlam iz črne na kaj bolj pomladnega. (:

Parisky said...

Nuša Ann: Res sta ;) Sta pa tudi super enostavna za nanašanje in še vodoodporna! :) Ah jaz sem že kar pri pomladi ... pomlad come! :)

duckalicious said...

only store? jst vem za dve =)

Parisky said...

Duckalicious: kje kje kje? :)

duckalicious said...

Ilirija (Ljubljana) in Mercator centri.

Anonymous said...

The green liner looks stunning in combination with your eye colour!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Duckalicios: Tega pa nisem vedela :) Moram it pogledat če kje vidim :)

Mylanqolia: Thank you ;)

Gejba said...

Lemon soda goes lovely together with you eyes.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gejba: Thank you :D