EOTD: Purtpletastic

Time for another EOTD! And guess what? It's purple (again) or well purple-ish :)
And by the way I did my nails too ... guess what color? Purple (I will post some pictures tomorrow)!
Lately I think I'm obsessed with this color :)

I've used Bella Pierre mineral eyeshadow in Ultra Suede and Coastal Scents gel liner in Grape

The EOTD under different lights:

What about you? Have you been obsessed by any color lately? :)

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

A si doma?

Parisky said...

Tamara: Ne, zakaj?

Mylanqolia said...

So, so, so pretty! In my opinion, purple looks best in combination with green eyes, therefore it's great that you use it. I don't have to mention again, that it's my fave colour. ;-) But I have a prob: Although Your new layout is superb, my browser has problems to open it.Perhaps it's too demanding now. Nevertheless, I'll comment. Nothing will prevent me from commenting! *harr harr harr* ;-)

Parisky said...

Mylanqolia: I believe that too! It makes my eyes more dramatic and a little bit of drama is always a good thing ;) Thank you! I don't know what I can do about the layout :/ I appreciate your comments ;) *harr* :D