NOTD: raspberries in the fog

Lol for the title, right? :D Fog is gray, so fog for gray. *feels like a smart ass*
I was inspired by my new sports outfit (it's dark gray and pink).
I've used a new frankenpolis (I just named it sparkling fog) and Maybelline Rosy Pink (108). This came out:

I love it! I think gray looks amazing paired with any color because it enhances it! :)

P.S. My google chrome is reporting an error (it crashes) every time I try to ctr+x (cut) an image and I have to rewrite everything! Does anyone have similar problems with it?

I appreciate any commentes!

XOXO Parisky


Claire said...

This looks really nice. The pink is so pretty, and I love the shimmer in the grey! x

Gaby said...

So cute!

Parisky said...

Claire: Thank you! :) Lately I've been loving shimmer too! :)

Gaby: Thanks :)