Mass production (crafts and stuff) :) Warning: picture heavy

Lately I have finished so many earrings, bracelets and stuff that I feel I went mass production :P Take a look for yourself (all images are clickable):

Lots of earrings in blue with some variations

And my favourite pair among them

Indian inspired earrings in many different colors

And my favourite

And the last ones made with swarovski (2/3 of them)

A closeup of the pair in the middle (it reminds me of a snowman)

And of the greeny

Maybe now you're wondering why I made so many of them? Well I still have to give some gifts for new year and more and more birthdays are coming up (amongst them also mine!) :D but in reality because I had fun creating them.
I was wondering, since I have so many of them, would anyone buy them? And for what price?

I'm thinking of opening my crafts/jewellery shop on blogger but I don't know if anyone would buy anything.

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky

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Kessa Thea said...

These all look cute and pretty. :-)

Gejba said...

I like all of them, especially Indian inspired ones.

tina_mbc said...

I love the feather ones!!!
Do share if you think of selling! :)


Parisky said...

Kessa Thea: Thank you!

Gejba: Thank you :)

Tina_mbc: Thank you! :) I will definitely share if I will open a shop :)