Parisky's dreams: rings and earrings

As you could see in one of my previous posts I've been pretty creative in the past weekend.
I'was making rings (had to try :) and I did a pair of earrings.
I'll present them to you in o particular order:

The earrings, I've tried out some Celtic knots or well whatever that is :)

This is the last one I made and it is the easiest to made.

The first one I made

I didn't like this one when I made it, but now It is one of my favourites!

A very simple one

A little piece of art ;) (it reminds me of a tree in spring)

Playing with more forms and beads

Which one do you like best?

XOXO Parisky


Vanilla said...

awww so pretty!!u amde the urself??:P

Parisky said...

Vanilla: Thank you :) and yes, I made them.