Review: Fing'rs products

A while ago I was contacted by someone from Fing'rs and asked If I would like to do a review of their products.

So, here it is :)

I've received a package of 4x false nails, 1x nail glue with brush and a set of nail stickers :)
Click on images for bigger ones!

Some time ago I already did a review of false nails, so this time I didn't have any problems applying them! :D

Let's pass to the review:

The false nails EDGE and California girl come with 24 fingernails, glue and press-on tabs.
The EDGE nails are as the name suggest more edgy for all bolder girls or inner punk/goth/emo/rock chick in you. California girl nails on the other hand are more classy.

I have to say that I loved wearing such a bold design, but I also loved a more classical (but still interesting) style.

Now to some eye candy! You have seen how they look in the box but on hands? Fabulous!

Actually everyone was asking me how I did the design (especially for the last one).

To the practical part:

I wanted to try out the Brush-on Nail Glue and I loved how smooth the application was! No fingers glued to nails or parts of body! I was really impressed. But the glue didn't hold for very long. A nail fell off after a day :( and than the another, and another ... Than I decided it was just bad luck and reapplied the nails. But when I went the next day to shopping I lost 2 nails.

So I went with another design but this time I used the press-on tabs (for temporary wear). And what temporary wear! I've applied them just for taking pictures for the Plastic contest and had to reapply half of them in the middle of the shooting (15 min??). The press-on tabs/stick-on tabs remind me of the glue on that free swatches you get in magazines.

At last I've used the ultra bond glue the box comes with and I've been wearing falsies now for a week! The only damage you can see are the missing rhinestones (I'm wearing the California girl design).

Brush-On Nail Glue

+ it makes your false nail application much easier and quicker
+ I love the brush!
+ it dries up very fast
+ it has a non stick cap! That means you don't have to use pliers every time you want to use it.

- isn't really long-lasting

EDGE and California girl false nails

+ pretty boxes :D
+ the instructions are simple and easy to follow
+ 12 different sizes
+ gorgeous gorgeous designs for every taste
+ a very natural look
+ great solution if your manicure failed or you have extra short nails
+ are just the right length

- they're bad for your nails
- rhinestones fall of very quickly
- press-on tabs

Overall: I enjoyed wearing them and I have spoiled myself with them because now I don't feel like going back to my short nails. I was really happy to discover new designs of false nails and loved them very much! The sad story is that here (Slovenia) you can't get such cool designs, tops you can get a french manicure with rhinestones.
I would definitely suggest them to those who would like to have a gorgeous manicure very fast.

P.S. I still haven't used the 3D nail & toe art but I really like the design :) I will do my next manicure with them :)

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Ql izgleda.. jaz pa z mojimi reviewi zabusavam da je grdo videt.. ://

tina_mbc said...

Cute designs!
Press on nails weren't really big here in Greece either not up until 2-3 years ago...now you can find whole walls on stores with press on nails/nail jewel thingies etc!!!
Do let me know if you ever fancy sth other than the classic french nail! ;)


Parisky said...

Tamara: hehe :D

Tina_mbc: I agree! :)I see that trend starting here too. I will ;)