Guest Post: Shop, Swap, Save

Hello Darlings,

This is a guest post written by by Rhian Gillam of the shopping team in moneysupermarket.com.
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I love shopping! It doesn’t matter what I am shopping for whether it be clothes, make-up, accessories or creams I could do it all day, everyday. The internet is the worst; I can’t be online without going for a quick visit to my favourite sites for what’s new in or what has gone into the sale. This unfortunately, is not great for my bank account but I have found a few ways to ensure that I save money where possible and have put together some moneysaving tips…

Many sites now offer discounts and voucher code to try and tempt you in and with winter approaching it’s a great excuse to go shopping for a winter wardrobe. Before going shopping remember to check for discount codes or  vouchers many can be used in stores or online. Most brands now offer some sort of saving or free delivery that can be redeemed on purchases allowing you to buy even more. 

Get Creative 
There is often something in my wardrobe that I have bought and now find a bit boring or if I have bought items from the high street I sometimes add something to make it a bit different from everyone else’s. You can pick up some great things from a haberdashery that can update a look or change the appearance of once boring item, even if something as simple as changing the buttons on a top or jacket can make a difference. It may be best to start by practicing on old clothing you no longer wear so you can make sure that when you come to do it properly you have perfected the skill needed – I learnt that the hard way.

Swapping items of clothing with friends can be a good way to get new clothes and get rid of pieces that you no longer wear. Chances are you occasionally borrow clothes from your friends already, such as a dress for a wedding or an outfit for a party but you may not have considered swapping items of clothing rather than borrowing. This could also be a good excuse for a bit of a party, get friends round with their unwanted clothes have a few drinks and see if you can swap some things. 

Auction sites 
I have found so many good items on auction sites, I love the fact you can find some great vintage pieces without having to rummage in a shop and contend with the musty smell.  It is also a useful way to sell old items of clothing you no longer wear and raise money to replace them with new clothes.


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