Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Plates

Long time no see, right?
I've been quite busy in the last couple of days, since I have quite a few exams coming up. Right now I'm studying for an exam I'll write in 3 hours. Yay for that. Not :P

So, today I have a long postponed review for you.
I got this plates a couple of months ago (yup, bad blogger) from Born Pretty Store and I've used them quite a lot from then.


Nail art I did with them:

As you can see you get a lot of different patterns in this set! And I haven't used all of them yet!

+ the price 
+ a lot of different patterns
+ easy to use
+ easy to clean 
+ the packaging (cute)
+ a Hello Kitty plate
+ the quality

- you must have your own stamping nail polish (no problem for me, since I have quite some of them)

Price: 12,63$ for 12 stamping plates

Where to get:  HERE

Overall: for a great price you get a lot (and I mean really a lot) of different nail plates to play with. If you're already familiar with konading you'll have no problems with it, but if you're new and don't want to spend a whole lot  of money on an expensive set, this is the perfect set to start with. 
But no matter if you're an expert/nail art addict or a beginner at it, this set offers a lot of space to play with. I especially loved the Hello Kitty plate! :) 

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Juppi, super!

NatalieDouka said...

I have some full nail image plates from BornPrettyStore and they are great quality!

nail crazy said...

slatke manikure, vidim da si se zabavila u pauzama od učenja ;-)

alejandra_casillas said...

was wondering what nail polish you use? can i use o.p.i or do i need the ones that they sell on the born pretty site?

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Tamara: Jeej :D

NatalieDouka: Agree! :)

nail crazy: Sem, sem ;) Hvala :)

Alejandra_casillas: I use many different nail polishes for staming. The nail polish needs to be dense, a one coater or you can leave it open for a couple of hours. So, no real need for any of those specific nail polishes.

Shop Women's Bracelets, Rings, and Hair Accessories said...

I like your nail color thanks for sharing this :)