NOTD: Pink Crack

I know that the crackle mania is a bit passe, but now there are so many different crackle nail polishes around that I had to grab a few. For the second or third or I can't really remember... I took a light pink base (Depend  201) and put on the crackle nail polish (Depend 5008). I never heard of this brand before, but I found it in our local DM (Drogerie Market) and as it was cheap (2€ for the crackle nail polish and around 1,5€ for the other one) I grabbed a few. It started to crackle instantaneously! Really, great stuff. So than I put on a top coat and I was good to go. The drying time was good as well. I like how they offer a wide range of colorful crackle nail polishes. Lovely. 
But the nail polishes were both a bit thicker in consistency, so I had to be a little bit more careful with the base coat (I needed two coats for full opacity).

XOXO Parisky