Hello darlings :)

Apparently I'm really back and excited about all future posts and trips :)
I went with a friend on a road trip ... we went to Monastery Jurklošter, castle Laško and castle Celje.
The real reason for this unplanned trip was to see "the Slovene pyramids". You know I'm a freak when it comes to this kind of things and I have to see for myself every possible strange thing that exists especially if it's so close to me. Remember my last year's trip to Bosnian pyramids? :P
So we went. Some strange formations exist but ah well ... no pictures to show (because I was driving on them and it took forever to get off). 

The Jurklošter Monastery was empty ... no one around, so we took a chance and checked every single place we could reach :))

This chamber was spooky, dark and it left you an uneasy feeling.

But it had some good photographic motives :)

My friend Tina caught in action! :)

On the khm, altar. I know we will go to hell for this :P :))

This one took Tina:

Our next trip was to Laško castle.

Mmm ... ice cream. Chocolate & lemon, my favourite combo! :)

Celje castle

And some pictures Tina took of me on the Celje castle:


We were so exhausted on the Celje castle! Woaah. I've been driving for hm ... I think 5 hours with some stops here and there.  Than we went for some shopping (all smelly and grouchy), but I got two pairs of swimsuit! Hooray :) 

For the end I have some pictures of Lakshmi playing with Dorica :D and some food porn! Yum!

Overall it was a nice trip and can't wait to do some more, to explore our little Slovenia a little bit more.
See you next time! :)

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Helena aka XOXOParisky