Welcome back


I really wasn't sure if I should write in my blog or I shouldn't ...I haven't written here in a lot of time and to be honest I still love nail polishes and makeup but haven't had the time lately to really experiment with it. Plus I didn't have a camera so taking pictures was nearly impossible and I didn't want to take pictures with my phone.

So, I guess I'm kind of back? That doesn't mean I'll write regulary as I did and that all my post will be about beauty or me. Maybe I'll show you what kind of articles I was writing in the last year.

But to start I can tell you what was going on with me in the last year or so:
I've moved to Ljubljana, got a job, got a boyfriend and broke up (I don't remember if I told you I broke up with my last boyfriend - we were together 8 years). It was a really hard period for me with really lot of ups and downs.

So to make it up I can show you some pictures of me from last year and this year (because I changed color, cut ...)

From oldest to newest:

 Doing stupid things (again) :)) 

 Going to Shadowtime (to try a wild makeup and outfit)

These 3 were taken by my sister Tamara

Just got a new camera! Happiness :D

I got a dog and named her Lakshmi :)

And the lastest

So, that's one year in pictures :) Actually I'm really happy to be back. 

P.S. you can watch my Photography blog which I update regularly and add me on Facebook!

XOXO Parisky aka Helena