NOTD: Deborah Sense Tech 100% Mat (10)

This will be a quicky :)
My blue obsession has again gained power :P I absolutely love blue when it gets warmer. Who know why.

This time I'll show you a true mat. It's a gorgeous medium blue with sparkles in it. It also has got an extra fun name aka 10. 
But yet it's pretty.  I needed 1! coat for full opacity, but unfortunately it chipped in the same day :/

XOXO Parisky


Maybe said...

Super boja!

Tamara said...

Res? Meni se ni okrusil isti dan. Po mojem je to zato, ker nisi uporabila nadlaka (pac mat zadeve niso tako zelo obstojne same po sebi).

nail crazy said...

boja mi se jako sviđa :-D
šteta što je propao isti dan, ali oprostila bih mu ;-)

Joan said...

8) *drool* This is such a sensational colour, I love the sparkle in it!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Maybe: Hvala! :)
Tamara: boh?
nail crazy: hehe :D
Joan: Thanks :)

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