NOTD: H&M Brown

My nails are in terrible shape. On my trip I had Essence Better than Gel nails and they left a mess behind :/ 
But that won't stop me from swatching nail polishes! I bought H&M Spring Nails and there was this nail polish I wouldn't wear in a million years ... yet something triggered my fancy and I tried it. It's not bad. Not bad at all :)

Do you have a color you absolutely don't like? Would you give it a try on your nails?

I never liked brown. Who knows why. After all brown is the color of the earth, trees and everything organic. And I love the nature and trees :)  Hm, it looks like I started liking brown (after all it really suits me :P). Heh :))

XOXO Parisky


Sara.H said...

this is a really nice brown :) love it on you.

Tamara said...

Vsem pase rjava :D!!

Maestra said...

Tale dejansko izredno čudaško izgleda v steklenički, na nohtih pride bolje. Zanimivo je, kako na mojih nohtih (fotkah) izgleda še bolj rdečkasto rjav. Na tvojih fotkah je bolj prava rjava. Res ti paše! ;)

Anja said...

...the color of poop..:DDD ampak na nohtih je prelep <3

Sanja said...

Hmm... ni mi všeč... pa brez zamere :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Thank you Sara H.

Tamara: vsem pašejo vse barve, samo odtenek moreš ta pravi najt :))

Maestra: Hvala! :))

Anja: hahaha, si me nasmejala :P pa hvala :)

Sanja: welcome to the club :)

Flaf said...

Ojoj, meni tudi ni všeč... The colour of poo :)