Snapshots: Torino, Asti, Alba and Genova

So here is the promised post from our trip to Torino, Asti, Alba and Genova.
I absolutely adore Torino! It's so green! It has got so many parks and green surfaces. Just amazing.
So I'll let do the pictures the speaking.  I just have one comment. It was amazing and extremely fun meeting again my girls <3

It all started with the place where we stayed. Such a beautiful view.

Can you guess that I love blossoming trees?


Gancia wine cellar

Sanja ... mmm it's good. Not. (go check out her perspective of the trip and more pictures)

Fun ;)


Asti ... somewhere


A bit of a shopping spree


Tina, Sanja and Lorena

Posing as me

A gorgeous church (sorry, I listened only a bit :P)

Lorena and Sanja


Kiss kiss

Torino again.. Yup, here you can see my obsession with scarves ... 

In front of the Egyptian museum

A cute little god. I think he was an Egyptian god of dancing, fun and self-love? 
Not sure about the last part, tho.

All the shop windows were Easter themed! So cute!

Shopping time again! Mmm I wanted that chocolate egg so badly!

That's when we bought some macaroons. The chocolate one was divine, but the rest were crap. So no more macaroons for me, thank you.

Had to take a picture of this Lotus car :) It was neon orange! 

Than we headed to the amazing Cinema Museum. Ha, just the 4 of us. 

Girls just want to have fun ;)

Hahaha, ups.

The last day we went to the Genova Aquarium. It was so lovely to see all those animals. I really loved the sea cows :)

Piranhas, they sparkle!

And with this the trip ended ...
Just a bit of fooling around on the bus followed.

Bwahahaha... evil shadow :))

It was fun and I will definitely go again to Torino. Genova didn't impress me, but Torino... ow yeah :)
Have fun!

XOXO Parisky

P.S. Some pictures were taken by Sanja and some by me :)


Alice @ NailsbyAlice said...

Amazing picture! I'm glad you had fun here in Italy :) :)


With love, Ana. said...

Lepe slike. In yummi Macaroons <3

Tassa said...

Čudovite fotke... se prav vidi kako ste uživale. :)

Ivana said...

Ooo krasne fotke! <3 Super jw blo tole vidt. :)

Biba said...

Ooo, to ste se fino imele! :D

Smaltoitaliano said...

Macarons are just a French trendy food now, you see them everywhere, but Gianduiotto is THE typical chocolate sweet of Torino!

Sanja said...

Smaltoitaliano... we know that :))) but we eat gianduiotto here also, so it's nothing new to us... as for the macaroons... we wanted to try them and honestly they were disgusting!

Tista rumena notranjost kjer smo ostale zaprte je v Astiju ne v Torinu hitro popravi :PPP

dictionary_of_fashion said...

Great photos :)

Mancina said...

waaa super fotke, se vidi da ste uživale na polno!! =)

Mamy said...

Krasne slike, se vidi, da ste uživale. Prelepo cvetoče drevo.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Alice: Thank you! Yup, we had sooo much fun ;)

Ana: Hvala :) Macaroons pa niti niso tako dobri... jaz bom kar na tortici ostala :)

Hvala Tassa :)

Ivana: Hvala <3

Biba: Res smo se fajn imele ;)
Smaltoitaliano: I know :) We ate those as well ;)
Sanja: whops :P

Dictionary of fashion: thanks :)
Mancina: Hvala! Smo res ;)
Mamy: Hvala :))