First Blogger Event in Slovenia

Hello :)
Yes, it finally happened! The first blogger meet up in Slovenia. With Flash as the host it was great! :)
We had food (sushi and maki), drinks and a lot of cameras.
I went with a casual look, because it suited my mood plus all of the girls were envious of my flats (they all wore high heels) ;P

Enjoy in the pictures (even though I didn't photograph a lot, there were a lot of bloggers aka a lot of pictures).

Pictures from Fensišmensi

Pictures from Shoes.Clothes.Make-up. Yes That's me (aka Sanja)

From left to right: Eva, me, MancaAnita

Again me and Saša

Yeah :P 

Photos from Oblačilnica

Photos from All around Eve

Isn't Eva Ana gorgeous? 

We had a lot of fun and it was a real pleasure meeting all of the girls :)

XOXO Parisky


nail crazy said...

wow, nadam se da ste se dobro zabavile, baš vam zavidim :-D

Passing fancy said...

oo ful dobr da ste si to organizirale :)

Biba said...

O, sliši se kul! :)