Amazed + Sweetscents swatches

WOW I don't have any words that could describe my happiness :D Lately I'm followed by Luck :) I won an amazing giveaway and an even more amazing contest! :D *does happy dance*

Today I'm leaving (skiing) and I'll be back on the 24th. Right now I'm packing but I may just do the swatches someone asked me (of sweetscents).

I live at the coast but you can't believe it is snowing right now plus the bora blows! The evidence?

I managed to take some swaps of my sweetscents swatches from yesterday :) I got 20 eyeshadows swatches + 3 corrector/foundations.

This one is with flash so you can see the glitter
And without

from 1 to 16:

1. Champagne Glo
2. Orchid Matte
3. Cancun Matte
4. Cosmic Glo
5. Powder Moon iridescent
6. Truffle Matte
7. Orchids & Diamonds
8. Emeralds & Diamonds (got 2 of them) - very glittery
9. Amethyst
10. Lovers Moon
11. Sunkissed Glo
12. Sapphires & Diamonds
13. Sage Matte
14. Cappuccino
15. Wine Matte
16. Medium Brown Matte

And the last three:

And with flash
1. Blackstar Green
2. Goldstone
3. Lodo

I also got Biscotti, Destiny Cool Light, Translucent Mineral Veil and Settin Veil (concealers/foundations).

My personal favourites are everything that has got Diamonds in it's name (that means it's very sparkly), Cappuccino (sparkly brown) and Lodo (a very interesting color with sparkles!).

Does anyone know how to put on clickable images???

Thank you for looking!

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Pomisli, da je bilo zjutraj 3x hujse!!!
Sploh niso spluzili ceste, drselo je kot prasica... uff in se folk vozi po snegu kot fukjen!!

Parisky said...

Vem, me je Jure zbudil ob 7.10 da vidim kako sneži :P

Parisky said...

Aja in pol sm tekla na teraso pobrat napol zmrznjeno perilo :P

Marce said...

These swatches are beautiful! I really need to increase my eyeshadow collection =)
No, I'm sorry, I don't know how to make images clickable, though if someone knows, they'd be helping more than one person! XO

Parisky said...

Marce: Thank you :) I have a lot of eyeshadows but I mostly use my Coastalscents 88 matte palette! :)

My sister told me how to make you images clickable: you normally upload your picture via blogger and choose normal and none layout. That should do the trick :)