More pictures: Katja

This weekend I went with my bf to his aunt because they had some computer problems (and he knows how to fix them). I knew that could take up hours so I took the camera with me :)
This is his cousin :)

And an experiment I did :)

Thank you for looking :)
XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Prva mi je vsec.. ampak potem gledas druge in si mislis.. ma zakaj ima tako odprta usta? o.O

2. mi je ok, 3. omg.. ne :)
In zadnja mi je zanimiva. Lahko bi jo rezala do tiste kosti na vratu.

Bombchell said...

I love 2.5 of them!!

Parisky said...

Tamara: hahaha tako se smeje :) hmm zanimivo :)

Bombchell: Thank you :D 2.5? a quarter? :D

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