Feeling crafty again

Hello again! I hope you had a fun Christmas! We had Christmas family dinner and I stuffed myself with so many goods that I still feel sick from them :P.

Now to something new:
I have to do some school work before new year (yap, the date is 31.12) and I don't really feel like it so instead I did some brooches that I've been planning to do for ages and 2 identical bracelets (as seen here).

All images are clickable (and HUGE!)

Here are my crafts:
They are supposed to be dragonflies :)

I've used tons of Swarovski beads, some gemstones and silver things :)
I've also made 2 similar bracelets as those of some posts ago (click)

What's coming next? A makeup contest entry (peacock).
And after that? A beauty review! False nails again! :) This time with very cool design.

Thank you for looking

XOXO Parisky


Thumby11 said...

waaw usec so mi te broske:)

kolko si pa dala za swarovski perlice?
v posterju v kp je 5 perlic ene barve cca 5eu:S

Mylanqolia said...

I love the dragonflies! So perfect! They actually inspire me to do a fun look with a dragonfly. Thanks so much for inspiring me! :-)

Parisky said...

Thumby11: Hvala :) Swarovski perlice so v Levčku (hala A v BTC) približno 3,70 evra, v tisti art trgovini v city parku pa 4 evre. Drugače pa jih jaz naročam preko ebaya ker so veliiiiko veliiiko cenejši (ampak čakaš 1 mesec).

Parisky said...

Mylanqolia: Me too! I think they're amazing :) Yay can't wait to see your inspired look :)