Behind the Scenes of an Editorial

I finally got the pictures (ts ts ts Katja) ;)
So now I can show you how our making of an editorial looked.

We all gathered in Ana's studio to take some pictures for Estet Magazine.

I did the makeup 

 Tanja looks extremely happy to have some makeup on ;))

Katja (the stylist) and her "corner"

Gorgeous shoes!

Checking for inspirational poses

Ana (the photographer) checking for inspiration

"Special effects"

 The balloons "died" so we had to improviser

 Ana in her element

Yup, it takes a lot of acrobatics skills to be a photographer :D

Checking the pictures

Last corrections before photographing Tanja

Adjusting clothes

Tanja in her element


And a group photo :)

Photographer: Ana Gregorič
Stylist: Katja Kozlevčar
MUA: me  :)
Model: Tanja

I can't wait for the final photos!
XOXO Parisky


nail crazy said...

Crvene i srebrne cipele su za umrijeti ... savršene :-)

Shybiker said...

Wow, it takes a lot of work to create beauty!

Sanja said...

Jaz bi imela une zlate/srebrne čevlje!!! kje se jih da dobit?

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Nail crazy: ;)

Shybiker: That's true!

Sanja: ja, za umret so :)) So iz Topshopa in v živo se ful šajnajo in so baje blazno nekomot. :/

Flaf said...

How tall are you? :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Flaf: LOL for the question. 174 cm :P

nihrida said...

Zanimivo izgleda. =) Čevlji so pa res božanski.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Nihrida: je bilo precej zanimivo ampak blazno utrujajoče (12h smo delali). :D

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