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Hello :)
Hope you had a Merry Christmas! 
This is some things I bought myself, won, or got for Christmas, but the sad truth is that I didn't photograph everything I got for Christmas since I was feeling too lazy or I just forgot (and who's interested in my new pajama and lots of sweets?)

Sleek Makeup Storm and Acid Palette 

The storm palette was broken (and I even won't start about their crappy customer service).
Luckily my sister lent me some Ez Prez and I fixed it.

Pout Polish in Pink Cadillac

Pretty Earrings

Lush solid shampoo:  Tirchomania (coconut) and Godiva (most yummy smelling thing ever)

2 hairbands with extra bands (lovely, right?)

Alverde palette (2 blues and 2 greens) in Jasminder

Alverde baked eyeshadow in Intensive Turquoise

Essence stuff (Lipstick, eyeliner and gloss)

"Dark" Chocolate with gold covered hazelnuts (I wrote "dark" because it has got 52% of cacao, and at 50% you can barely call it chocolate bar. It would need at least 70% of cocoa to be called dark chocolate - my fave) 

XOXO Parisky


Gone2RehabBRB said...

Sleek je fajn zadeva, obožujem vse svoje, čeprav sem dala potem Acid naprej in imam zdaj še samo tri.

Ta črna mat mi je pa top izdelek za tako ceno.

Ania said...

Wow, nice!
I am jealous about Alverde ;P We don't have this brand in Poland :(

ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet said...

Lovely presents! :D
But it's a shame that your palette arrived broken. Won't Sleek refund you for it? What kinds of trouble did you have with their service? I've never bought from their site, I got my sleek palettes from German sellers.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gone2RehabBRB: Res imajo super izdelke :)

Ania: Thank you :) Too bad :/ Their products are natural and smell (most of them) lovely :)

ElectronicRainbow: Thank you! :) No idea, will try and write to them. Ah, we ordered our things on their 50% off day and we got a confirmation e-mail + instructions where and how to pay. We did that and after 1 month we still didn't get a thing (it should max take 2 weeks, since they're from UK)... So we wrote to them (3x because nobody replied) and they said that our order was not accepted and that they refunded us (nope, never happened). So we filed a Paypal complaint and after 2 days got a response (via Paypal) that the items will ship in the same day. Such a shame.
I'm not sure I will ever buy anything from their site, but will go to buy to a near Sephora :/

G A B Y said...

Oh the Storm palette looks great! I'm glad you could fix it! I've heard lots of things about their crappy customer service )=

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

GABY: Agree :) Yup, they most definitely should work on it ...

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