Hauls: Fairytale

Ow jeah! I got them all plus two extras for my giveaway :))

When the pictures came out ... I really wasn't convinced by not one nail polish in this collection, but than bloggers swatched them and oh my! The red one was like Ruby Pumps (CG), the orange one was gorgeousness and so on and so on ... So since than I was looking for my own red and orange fairytale and today I stumbled on a full stand, so I HAD to have them all :P

Two really pretty Miss Sporty nail polishes. I really don't know why this brand isn't as popular as Essence?

Something for my upcoming giveaway (there will be lots of nail polishes :P)

And at last, two pretty bracelets (one is a B day gift) and a gorgeous necklace with the tree of life.

A closeup of my necklace

And what's the best thing about this necklace? That 60% of the purchase price goes to Centre for Down Syndrome.

XOXO Parisky


you nailed it! said...

lovvvve that haul. really want the fairytale polishes

MartianDelights said...

Necklace is just too pretty !

meipinggg said...

i think i see a tree in the necklace! :D and it's soooo cute! xD

Lois said...

oooooh I want those fairytale polishes! I don't know if they got those here...

Tinchi said...

ooooo kje si pa dobila to verižico? č-u-d-o-v-i-t-a je <3

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

you nailed it!: Thank you! They really are lovely!

MartianDelights: Thank you! I love it!

meipinggg: Yes, it's the tree of life. Thank you :)

Tinchi: v Planetu Tuš (KP) je planet 47? imel neko stojnico ...

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