Swatches: CCUK in Coral Silk, Hot Pink, Sunset and Wet n Wild 27


Today I'll show you the swatches of my latest lipstick haul. I got some CCUK lipsticks (drugstore brand from UK) and another Wet n Wild lipstick as I loved my previous ones!

Let's start with my bare lips.

CCUK Coral Silk (207). They come in pearlescent or creme finish. Personally I prefer cremes as they are more pigmented. But this one, even though it's pearlescent, is quite pigmented. 

Next here is CCUK Hot Pink (203), a nice creme. 

CCUK Sunset (229) that is a really pigmented pearlescent lipstick.

I really like them :) But the smell reminds me of old lipsticks (I remember that when I was little all lipsticks smelled like this). Some people like this smell, but I don't.

And at last Wet n Wild 27. This one is a gorgeous creme as well!

Now I can't wait for my Fyrinnae Melancholy and Hair Dye to arrive! 
Because a woman can't have enough lipsticks (and shoes, and makeup, and clothes ... ;))

XOXO Parisky


goga said...

CCUK Hot Pink (203) in Wet n Wild 27 sta hudi <3

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Meni sta tudi najljubši! :)

Becky said...

I like Hot pink lipstick


Agnes said...

The hot pink one is my favourite too :)