This Week

Hello Lovelies!

This week I'm back to Ljubljana, as I have some more exams to pass (but I'm so not in the mood). This means (as you probably noticed) less posts this week. But don't worry I'm taking pictures of my hauls, NOTDs and outfits.
So expect a boom of posts in the weekend :P

Anyway here are my ins and outs of the past (and this) week.

+ spending more time with my boy
+ a new telephone
+ cleaned up appartment
+ being on my own in LJ
+ Aladdin bottle (love it!)
+ Fleurcup menstral cup (very ecological and no more allergies)

- autumn has started (12 to 15 degrees)
- it's cold and I can't wear shorts/t-shirts/skirts/sandals/dresses anymore :'(
- rain
- exams

Girls what are your ins and outs this week?

XOXO Parisky


Ivana said...

Veliko sreče na izpitih! Držim pesti! Kaj pa študiraš?

Ja vreme je pa čist blah! :/

Laura said...

Good luck with your exams :-)

Lyudmila said...

+I got a scarf and folders. a scarf and folders. This prize in the raffle and quiz.
+Still summer (above 30 C)
+I wrote two theses
+I'll be on vacation for a month

- My vacation is at work on the computer for scientific activities
- Summer ends, but I could not find a boyfriend
- I can not win a makeup and nail polish

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hvala Ivana! Študiram pa prevajalstvo :)

Laura: Thank you hon!

Lyudmila: It seemed like an interesting week! Too bad for the vacation and boyfriend part :/ But sometimes it's just best to stop searching and things will come to you :) And who knows, maybe you'll be lucky in one of my giveaways ;)

.sparkle* said...

hehe, helena potem hodiš na filofax?jaz živim lih 5 min stran :) mogoče se pa kdaj kje srečamo :) držim pesti za izpite!

plusi tega tedna:
+ moj si je zrihtu viso, samo zato da bom lahko js ko nora kupovala prek tujih spletnih strani <3
+ načrtovanje vseh bodočih potovanj za naslednje leto
+ uspešno sem sem uprla šopingu in še enemu paru čevljev

- mraaaaaaz!

duckalicious said...

I'm totally with you about autumn, rain and cold. yuck!

Meream said...

But rain is IN. :) I'm trying to convince myself that rain is in despite the fact that it makes my allergies creep out. Haha

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

.sparkle* jap filofax :) če me kje vidiš me moreš obvezno pozdravit :) in če te bom gledala kot tele v nova vrata se ne čudi, ker imam včasih glavo med oblaki :D

duckalicious jap :/ škoda za poletje :/

meream: I love rain in general (esp. Summer and April rain) but I hate this one as it ended our hot summer. :/

Orlica said...

You have been tagged! :)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

ins: my sephora package
outs: breaking out


Maestra said...

Good luck with your exams!

+ Fyrinnae package
+ creativity
+ my dear BF <3
+ shopping
+ package from Brazil

- study
- migraine

let's not focus on negative things, right? :D