NOTD: Joy 100

Here the weather is frigging insane!!!! We have 32 degrees and 65 % of humidity (that goes up to 75 %)! 
It feels like living in the tropics but in a really bad way. Plus we have tiger mosquitoes and our sea has got the same temperature as it is outdoors. 
It's too hot to wear nice outfits, to put on makeup and every nail polish I put on, bubbles.


Anyway here is my latest NOTD (yes, it bubbled). This is Joy 100, a gorgeous neon green but it's very sheer. It took me 4 coats (+ one coat of nude nail polish). 

With water decals from Viva La Nails. 

Gosh, do you hate summer as well? 

XOXO Parisky


Ivana said...

Oooo ful luškano, te nalepkice so pa res samo še pika na i. <3

Ja vroooče pa je, pridi na kozarec cedevite, hehe. :))

*Fleur* said...

Yes, I'm one of those who hate summer. At least you can jump into the sea, I have to drive like three hours to do that :(

DesertNails8 said...

Very cute color! I love the summer here (also all the other seasons)! Yesterday it was 114 (46C) for a high and we had a low of 93 (34C). Humidity between 18-34% (normal humidity is around 10 percent) and UV is 11. We're in the monsoon season however we haven't had any monsoons yet this year. Maybe tonight, I hope. It's just beautiful here despite the incredible heat. Oh, and my manis have been bubbling, too, even inside my air-conditioned home. I end up doing them in the morning and using glitter because the sparklies hide the bubbles. Also quick dry bubbles more than a regular polish. I hope you can find something wonderful about your summers - even if it's only drinking a cold slushie!. Have a wonderful day!

Lillian Funny Face said...

Oooh gorgeous colour, i love neon greens the butterfly decal is so pretty too.
And yes i hate summer, it's horrible!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Ivana: Hvala! :) Pazi, ki se bom res "narisala" tam ;)

*Fleur*: Žal morje ne pomaga :( Ima ravno toliko stopinj kot je vzunaj in še neke izpuščaje mi je letos naredilo (damned, celina mi škodi :P)

DesertNails8: Thank you! Wow such high temperatures! Well I don't mind so much the temperatures but I really hate the high humidity (does 75 % sound like normal?). I hope it will rain this night! The humidity makes the air white so it really doesn't help with a nice view. But still if there is some rain and the water gets a bit chilly I love summer :) Just this year has been really insane.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Lillian Funny Face: I love neons as well! :D Agree :/

susies1955 said...

LOVE your manicure and I love summer. We have 6 months of winter here so what's not to enjoy about summer? It gives a chance to put about 12,00 miles on the Harley. :)
Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't remember who has entered.
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