Ginger + Liz Threat Nail Blogger

Do you remember the Limecrime Scam and their threats to sue anybody who did a not-so-favourable review of their *amazing* lipsticks.

So this time it's Ginger + Liz company that threats to sue an unemployed 25-years old nail polish blogger. And because of what? THIS. Since when is an ordinary nail comparison called defamation? Read their threatening letter HERE.

Maybe they're thinking that a bad advertsement is still advertisement? 

HERE , HERE and HERE are three posts about this matter.

I don't know what kind of business you run, if you threat to sue your own customers for comparing your products to cheaper brands. Don't we all do it? In stores, when we're not sure if get that expensive hand cream or that cheaper one? Or with reading reviews just to be sure the product really does what it claims.

Anyway this was a false move for them. A lot of costumers (and potential ones as well) will be lost because who wants to buy something from a company that can sue you, if you don't like them or even dare to compare them to another brand?

And it's more than true: "You go after one of us, you go after us all!"

XOXO Parisky


Serena said...

I agree completely. They have lost my business forever. I would hate to be threatened just for a comparison.

Becky said...

I also agree with you. They've lost me too.

I’m starting with my beauty blog and I would appreciate if you become my follower. Thank you so much (^_^)



Jackie S. said...

I agree, I was going to buy a polish to swatch and post for my blog, but after this NO WAY!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Serena: Mine too! I completely agree with you!

Becky: Checked you :)

Jackie S.: Actually before this I never heard of them, but now that I have, I certainly won't buy anything from them.