Review and Swatches: Sleek Makeup Storm and Acid I-Divine Palette

Hello Darlings,
Today I'm going to talk about two Sleek Makeup Palettes - Storm Palette and Acid Palette. The Storm Palette is a very neutral palette, while Acid Palettes is the one with neon colors.

I've seen lots of swatches and reviews about Sleek Makeup Palettes and in all the pictures they look so big! I always thought that they were as big (OK, almost as big) as the Coastal Scents 88 palettes. Nope. Far from it.

See how small are they? 

One eye shadow is big as a 2 cents (Euro) coin. 

Storm Palette

I got this one, because I lost all hopes I will ever get a Naked Palette (from Urban Decay). The shadows are as with the Naked Palette neutral what is great for everyday wear. Luckily I got the Naked Palette, so that I can compare it with this palette.

Both palettes come with 12 eye shadows that are greatly pigmented. The main difference is (beside the price) the texture/formula. While the Storm Palette eye shadows are great, I feel you need more product to get the same opacity as with the Naked palette and so they bulk up a bit on your eyes. That really isn't a big problem with me, but it means they won't last the whole day on your eyes, but rather 6 hours (I have oily lids and I always use a primer).

Swatches as in the palette (no names :( )
It comes with 12 eye shadows - 3 matte and 9 shimmery 

Some looks I did using this palette

Acid Palette

I got this one, because I've heard great things about it and loved the idea of neon shades! Yay for playing with your makeup. 

 Swatches as in the palette 
This palettes comes in 12 eye shadows - 4 shimmery and 8 matte

As you can see this Palette isn't as pigmented as the Storm one :/ Except for the black, silver and the green. But don't be fooled, they are buildable and you can get a really nice effect.

Some looks I did using the Acid Palette 

Using both

+ 12 shadows in each palette (12x 0.03 oz or 1.1g)
+ Both are buildable
+ The Storm Palette is very pigmented
+ Both are very versatile
+ Mineral based
+ The packaging
+ The price

- The Acid Palette is less pigmented
- No names of the eye shadows
- Their Customer Service (terrible)

I definitely suggest you this palettes! The Storm Palette is great for neutral looks, while the Acid Palette is the one you can truly play with it (but you can also do a soft makeup). I will buy some more palettes, but NEVER again from their site!

Price: 8.50€ on their site, 10€ in Sephora
Customer Service: 1/5 
Rating: 5/5 ★★★★
Repurchase: Yes

XOXO Parisky


Maybe said...

i ja imam dvije njihove palete, Sunset i Good girl (nju sam uzela prvenstveno kao zamjenu za rumenilo) i imam samo riječi hvale! savršena pigmenatcija, ljepo blendanje, dugo traju... čak sam i naručila set za konturiranje,trebao bi mi doći kroz dan,dva!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Maybe: Good Girl je res dobra kot blusher :) So pa njihove paletke lepo pigmentirane in poceni :) Res so super :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

I loooove my acid palette! All th looks you've done are beautiful. It's annoying, I love Sleek products but don't want to support them after their ridiculous customer service problems.

nail crazy said...

meni obje izgledaju predobro :-)

ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet said...

I love my Storm palette! It's basically my favourite small palette at the moment - I take it everywhere.
The Acid one... meh. I don't feel triggered to buy it, the colours are no my taste. I wouldn't know where to wear those.
But I'm really debating over buying either the Original or the Chaos palette as well!

Cydonian said...

Try using the neon colors is Acid over a white base :) It really helps with their pigmentation!

Charlotte Sparkle said...

Two nice palettes, hard to pick which one I prefer. Love the silver and pink look you achieved with the Acid palette though.

Thumby11 said...

a jih imajo v sephori v trstu? ker skoraj vse paletke sem dobila razbite, ko sem jih naročila prek interneta:(
UD Naked si naročila prek neta ali iz sephore? (baje, da imajo v torriju, sam sem prelena,da bi šla pogledat:S )

Uglavnem lepe paletke in lep make up:)

Agnes said...

They look awesome! And you made some very nice looks with those palettes. I have 4 of them so far but I still want more, they are just so nice!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Maybe: sem slišala, da je Good Girl super kot blusher :)

Lillian: I couldn't agree more with you :/

Nail crazy: Hvala :)

ElectronicRainbow: Mine too :)) I want to get all of them :)

Cydonian: I know of that trick, but I don't own any white creamy base (because all creamy eyeshadows crease incredibly fast on me)

Thank you Charlotte. :)

Thumby11: v Sephori imajo samo limited edition Storm paletke in nimajo Urban Decay firme. Naked paletko sem pa dobila za darilo (je naročil preko neta)

Agnes: Thank you :) I want them all as well :P

Tamara said...

Se dobro, da si napisala da si izgubila vso upanje da bos dobila kdaj UD Naked Paletko :D!!