Snapshots: Walk with Pablo, Tamara and Luka

Hello Darlings!
I haven't blogged in the past days because I had so much to do! This was one of my rare last weekends when I was able to go home (I'll have to work other 3 out of 4 weekends) and so it was pretty hectic! I had a photoshooting, I was a makeup artist, I went to a walk with Pablo, Tamara and Luka and later I had a birthday party ... all in the same day! 

So enjoy some pictures of our walk

Ha, did I cough them in the right moment? ;)

Luka took a photo of us :)

Jack (Stafandshire Bull Terrier) and  Pablo playing


The scenery

And than we went to the local animal shelter and took Lili for a walk (Luka fell in love with her)

Awww :) Tamara and Pablo

XOXO Parisky


Ivana said...

Super slikce, se vidi da ste uživali! Tamara => Ccc, kr jezik nam kažeš. :P

nail crazy said...

super fotke, vidim da je pao i dobar provod :-)

Elle Sees said...

looks like fun was had by all!

Lovera | Your Way to Radiant and Beautiful Skin said...

You really love dogs don't you? Me either! I have 2 labs 1 rot and 2 chow chow and they're all awesome, intelligent and very nice.

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hvala Ivana :) ja, super smo se imeli :)

Hvala Nail crazy :)

Elle Sees: yes we had lots of fun :D

Lovera: Yes! But I also love all other animals <3 :)