Review: Bourjois 1001 Lashes Mascara

Hello Girls!

Today I'll show you my current mascara. I bought it because I used my previous (not-very-cruelty-free Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara) and wanted something good and cruelty free. It's very hard (at least for me) to buy a mascara without trying it (and trying those testers is more than grows), but luckily my sister had it already, so I could try it and see for myself. I liked it and that's why I bought one for myself.

The brush

What they promise you:
Say good bye to mascaras that only thicken or lengthen the lashes! Bourjois goes further and multiplies your lashes!
This high-tech mascara visually multiplies the number of lashes for a full fringe of eyelashes.. more dense, more beautiful.
The revolutionary patented double helix brush has astonishing powers: with its twelve rows of bristles, it works on every single lash, even the very smallest. In just one application, every lash is reached and fully coated from root to tip without clumping.Its lengthening, rich in pigments glide-on formula intensifies and gives maximum body to all your lashes.
Enriched with natural waxes, vitamin E and C derivatives, it is suitable for sensitive eyes.

Nice, right?
The brush really reaches even the smallest lashes, but I find that it's a bit too hard for me, because I apply my mascara from the roots (and I touch my upper waterline) and because of the material I can literally feel how it pokes me into my waterline. Not a really nice feeling. I didn't have such issues with any other mascara. (But my sister on the other hands doesn't have such issues with this mascara)

Before (nude lashes):

After (with 2 coats of mascara):

As you can see, it really reaches all the lashes and separates them well (but you have to be careful). It doesn't add volume, but it rather colors your lashes and gives them a bit of extra length. 
The result is definitely very natural.

+ Nice packaging (I love the shape)
+ It gives length to your lashes
+ It reaches even the smallest lashes
+ Suitable for sensitive eyes
+ Not tested on animals

- If you'll sweat/cry even a little bit, it will smudge
- The material the brush is made of is very hard
- No waterproof edition

Overall: It's a nice mascara, but out there are definitely better ones! Bourjois has got another one (Volume Glamour Ultra Black) that is way better than this one (I love volume on my lashes). But if you're into natural looking lashes, go for it.

Price: around 15€
Rating: 3/5 
Repurchase: No

 XOXO Parisky


nail crazy said...

sasvim dobro izgleda :-)
inaće ne volim vodootporne maskare jer mi je grozno skidati ih :-/

Ivana said...

Hmmm... A ni False Lash Effect od Max Factorja? =)

Ammm... Učinek mi je všeč, čeprav škoda, da ni še WP verzije, zadnje čase le še te uporabljam, ker obdržijo moje trepalnice vsaj malo uvihane po kleščah. :)) Imam pa rada le doooolge trepalnice, volumna niti nočem. :D

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

nail crazy: res je, ampak poleti je kar nuja :)

Ivana: ja je. Uuups :P typo. Aja? No, jaz nimam problemov z ukrivljenostjo trepalnic ampak obožujem volumen :) dolžino že imam :)

Lillian Funny Face said...

I think it looks very nice.