How to: Vivid makeup

 Maybe some of you already know that I LOVE vivid colors :) I was inspired by a gorgeous pink lipstick to do this tutorial. 

Usually I start off with my eyes and only after do the rest (foundation, blusher ...) because this way it's easier to clean up what falls on your cheeks (especially with black and glittery eyeshadows).

1. Start with a clean base 

2. Apply primer. I use this one, but concealer works good as well

This is the colors you'll need (darker and lighter blue)

And a brush

3. With the brush apply the lighter blue on the lower part of your eyelid

Now take a rounded brush (any other will work as well but you'll need more skill)

4. Apply the darker blue on the upper part of the eyelid and the outer corner.

Take another brush (I'm using a big blending brush)

5. Blend everything (make circular movements from the darker areas to the lighter ones)

Now take a silver shadow

And another brush

6.  Apply the silver shadow on your inner part of the eyelid and under your eyebrow (and blend)

Take an eyeliner. I'm using Eyeko Glitter eyeliner. 

7. Apply Eyeliner

You can skip this step if you don't have Lash Primer. I'm using Estee Lauder.

8. Apply Lash Primer

9. Apply mascara

And now one of the more important steps: eyebrows!
10. Use a angled brush and an eyeshadow that is closes to your hair color.

The final look:

Now let's go to the rest of the face.

I use Skin Food BB Cream, Estee Laudren Concealer and for this look Janulence Mineral Powder and Sweetscents Settling Veil.
I think I don't need to explain this step :)

And here is my favourite lipstick! Estee Lauder Pink Vibrations.
I suggest you to use a very vivid color to complement your look.

With such makeup a crazy attitude and hairdo goes great :)

So is anyone brave enough to wear this look out? ;)

XOXO Parisky


duckalicious said...

uuuuu, hudo in ful ti paše! tole morm sprobat, mam ful podobno šminko (Essence v svinčniku, Pink Vibe)

Thumby11 said...

uh, lepa sminka.. jaz imam 2 podobna od YSL sam jih bolj redko rabim, ampak nima veze ker sem jih dobila:P

☆Anastacia☆ said...

The lips looks stunning! Great tutorial!!

Anonymous said...
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Keisha said...

Great Turorial!

I love this look!!!! <3

I might have to do it for prom! =]

new follower! :)

Simone said...

Simple but pretty, I like it :) Great tutorial, too!

I would totally wear this look out, but then again, I generally prefer vivid colours. I know some people prefer more natural-looking make-up.

Jian said...

It looks GORGEOUS!! =D You look great with those colours..I don't think I could pull them off though! So ask to whether or not I could wear that out..I'd say nope. I wish I were more confident!

Lillian Funny Face said...

My god, you look like a model :O! I'm absolutely serious. I love the tutorial, i might have to try it. Your eyelashes look fantastic too!

Ana Rita said...

You look amazing! x) And your eyelashes? So long and full =O

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Dukalicious: Hvala :) Sprobaj, pa poročaj ;)

Thumby11: Ja obožujem to barvo! :) Ti pa bi lahko postala o teh šminkah :D

Anastacia: Thank you! I really admire your tutorials!

Miixxturee: Thank you!

Keisha: Thanks :) I'm glad to have inspired someone ;)

Simone: I love vivid colors as well :) and believe me there are a lot of people who prefer more natural colors.

Jian: You just have to try it and definitely such makeup can make you feel more confident :)

Lillian Funny Face: Hahahaha thank you :D I'm not a model, I just love food too much :P I can't wait to see your try :)

Ana Rita: Thank you :) :D

SweetR said...

OMG i love the make up AND THE NAILS !!! How did you do that ? :D

And you're gorgeous btw ^^

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Thank you SweetR! The nails were pretty easy but I'm planning to do a small tutorial! :)