Random Pictures from NYE + resolution

Just a few snapshots of my celebrating the New Year's Eve :)
Gosh, now I'm done with NYE posts :))

It's not an actual tradition here, but it's always fun to make a New Year's resolution:

1. Find the perfect natural skincare regiment that will clean out that hormones/detox acne
2. Start working out (again) to feel healthier and more flexible plus to have those sexy toned legs, butt and tummy 
3. Meditate and visualize more 
4. Spend less on makeup, clothes, random stuff and actually start saving for a camera and camera equipment :P
5. Photograph more with as many different models as possible
6. Improve my photography skills (especially how to shot in the studio)
7. Find many fashion designers that will borrow me stuff for shootings
8. Learn how to properly apply false lashes
9. Start project 365 ASAP as I have a camera
10. Draw my photography/makeup ideas

What's your NY's resolution?

XOXO Parisky


ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet said...

Your New Year's resolutions sound good. I like how they all seem to be manageable - a lot of people are like: "I wanna be a rock star!" or something like that, stuff that won't be likely to happen.
I like to keep resolutions simple and doable. So I guess mine would be:
1) Finish writing my doctor's thesis
2) be more productive with my art
3) spend less money on stuff I don't necessarily need and start saving up for a new car (mine is super old),
4) read more books which are not work-related
and 5) try to live healthier (e.g. adjust my work-out, buy more healthy food)

nail crazy said...

sviđa mi se manikura :-)
sviđa mi se tvoja odluka pod brojem 7
a moje...svake godine iznova odlučujem da ću ove godine skinuti koje kilo...i da me klinac neće izluđivati do besvjesti ali nikako da upali :-p

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

ElectronicRainbow: Thank you :) Isn't the point that you actually do something that you've been putting off forever? :P Becoming a rockstar will take you more than a year :D
Wow you're writing a doctor's thesis? Wow :) Your is great as well! I really like the 2nd (about art) :)

Nail crazy: Hvala :) Ahahaha, jaz sem tudi vsako leto to napisala .... potem pa se nehaš sekirat in kile kar grejo. :) No, srečno s sinom :D

Ina said...

prstan na tretji fotki, iz kje? <3 <3 <3

G A B Y said...

Wow, I'm glad to know I'm not the only who can't properly apply false lashes! I spent half an hour in the bathroom the other day and only ended up with BLACK glue all over my lids x=

I'm also into natural skin care products, I would love to only use natural products.

Good luck with all of your projects!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Ina: New Yorker :)

Gaby: Hahahaha, no you're not :/ They keep unglueing in my inner corners :/ Good luck to you too! :)