What We Did for NYE

I spent this New Year's Eve at my boyfriends with him and his parrot :P :)
Would you guess what we did on the New Year's Eve?

Hahahaha, we cooked, watched the fireworks and ate :P
The stuffing even continued to the next day and the day after that :D

So here is what we did/ate:

1. Noodles soup (no pictures :P)

2. We prepared Spring Rolls with rice paper (om nom), carrots, cabbage and soy sprouts

With sweet-chilly sauce

3. Than we prepared maki. Each one of us made maki for themselves XD 

Piko was supervising the process

Jure's maki 

Mine vegetarian ones

I know that they are far from perfect, but for our first time preparing maki it was pretty okay :)

4. For the end I made a cake that only I ended up eating it

Than we drank a bit of Champagne and watched the fireworks.

And the next day we prepared vegetarian Pad Thai (nom nom) and went to watch an opening (so even more food) with fireworks :D

Ahh ... now it will be enough with the stuffing for the whole year :P

XOXO Parisky


Anonymous said...

Your NYE was more fun than mine, I bet. The maki looks great! I've never had luck rolling it very well! What is your filling?

Sanja said...

o ful dobro... js bi tudi poskusla delat maki... kje si pa dobila vse te "aparature" za izdelavo?

With love, Ana. said...

Mmmmm delicious <3

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

thepaintedmask: Hahahaha ... if you think that stuffing is fun ;) It's fairly easy, really. First we watched a few video tutorials on youtube and than it was really easy :) My filling was carrots and peppers. I wanted to put in also some cucumbers, but of course I forgot to buy them :/

Sanja: Kupila sva kit za maki (povsod je zmanjkal razen v merkatorju 2- tam kjer imajo tudi tehniko). Poleg tega pa sva kupila še vse posebaj (da bova še kdaj naredila :)

Ana: Res je :))

duckalicious said...

(vegi) pad thai = nomnomnomnomnom! =)

kaj si dala v vegi maki, kero zelenjavo?


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Duckalicious: Se strinjam! :D Korenček in papriko. Bi bilo pa fajn dat notri še košček kumarice (če ti je všeč) :)

Katkoc said...

mmm, dobro zgleda...zdaj se mi pa sushi lušta pa še kosilo si moram skuhat...nomnom makipadthaitorta:)

nail crazy said...

vidim da ste se zabavili...a to i je najvažnije :-)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Katkoc: Ah, ne govori meni, ki bi samo še maki jedla :P

Nail crazy: jap :D