How to: Take Care of Your Lips

Today I will talk about a really important topic, especially in the middle of winter.

When I do makeup on other people I often see dry, chapped lips. That really annoys me because:
1. I have to do extra work to make a lipstick look decent
2. It's so easy to take care of your lips and it only takes a minute per day!

So, once you'll read this blog post you'll have no excuses!

If your lips are already in terrible condition use a bit of honey mixed bit a tiny bit of sugar. Put this paste on your lips and leave it there for 15 minutes, than scrub it away.


+ Sugar

= amazing lips mask & peeling

The honey nourishes your lips and the sugar helps with the exfoliation.

Than you definitely should use a good lip balm to keep some moisture in your lips.
Currently I'm using Extravaganja  Lip Cream, but Vaseline should do the trick as well (or any other that you feel does the job). 

If you have some persisting chapping problems try exfoliating your lips with an old (soft) toothbrush once in a while.

Jojoba oil or any other oil will also help your lips to be healthy and soft (use it after exfoliating or just when you remember about it).

That's it :)

No more excuses, OK? :)

XOXO Parisky


meipinggg said...

i've tried the honey+sugar before but i couldn't stop licking my lips. :P so i just resorted in applying a layer of vaseline on my lips before i sleep, and the next morning, exfoliate with toothbrush while brushing my teeth :P

the first time i did it, WOAH. so many dead skin ]:

ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet said...

Carmex, all the way! ;) It's the best thing for my lips I've found so far. All other chapsticks don't have such a moisturizing and smoothing effect.
But I will definitely try the peeling with honey and sugar, it sounds good + yummy! :D

beba said...

Okay (:
Jaz si dam tu pa tam med gor, pa včasih s krtačko zdrgnem, drugač pa so pogosto v obupnem stanju, kljub redni uporabi mazil.

Mir in ljubezen!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I am going to try the honey and sugar scrub. :)

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

meipinggg: Ha, that isn't good :D Try mixing it with oil instead (I bet you won't lick that off) :)) Yup, it's amazing how it really works :)

ElectronicRainbow: You're right! I loved that stuff! But I've found that the extravaganja is also great :) Yup, it's good!

beba: ;) Sem poznala to ... je čisto odvisno kakšno mazilo uporabljaš. Tole od extravaganje je res super! :)

Michelle: You're welcome!

G A B Y said...

I ususally use Vaseline mixed with sugar but I'll be sure to try honey next time! Thanks!

mint said...

thanks for the tips! I need more work on my lips. haha

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Gaby: Honey is much better :) And you can eat everything at the end :D

Mint: You're welcome. Hope it will help you.

miss savealittle said...

i love this post because i too do not like chapped lips - on me and other people. it really bothers me.

i put vaseline on my lips every night and put an extra layer in the morning before i shower. because when it's shower time, i scrub it off with a damp cloth and all those nasty little bits of skin goes off leaving me with soft lips. :)

i'll try the honey and sugar combo soon. :)