Review: False Eyelashes and Eyelashes Glue from KKCenterHK

I was contacted by KKCenterHK a while ago to do a hones review of some of their eyelashes.
Since I mostly don't use false eyelashes (because I kind of suck at it), I saw this as the perfect opportunity to practice! :)

What is KKCenterUK? It's an online store that offers really cheap eyelashes (tons of them), wigs, makeup, nail polishes, false nails, hosiery, socks, shoes ... 

I got:
 ES A52 false eyelashes
MOC 0336 false eyelashes
075 false eyelashes
Black eyelashes glue

+ Transparent edge
+ Soft (easy to bend)
+ Natural looking
+ Light
+ The price 
+ Has got instructions on the back how to use it (okay, the English is a bit ... strange)

Price: 5.80$ for 10 pairs


MOC 0336

+ Edgy looking
+ Light
+ Soft (easy to bend)

- Hard edge

 I didn't like how it kept poking me into my eyelid when I opened my eyes



This pair was my least favourite in the bunch!
It was so stiff (wouldn't bend) that I got glue all over my eyelid.

+ Very dramatic
+ Light

- Extremely stiff


Ingredients: polyacrylate, emulsion polyrinyl, acetate emulsion, surfact active agent water

+ It's black!
+ Stays on for a looooong time (as long as it takes)
+ Has got instructions on the back 
+ Can be also used as eyelid glue
+ Dries fast

- It can get pretty messy if you're a newbie at applying false eyelashes
- It burns my eyes when I apply false lashes (I have very sensitive eyes, apparently)
- Hard to remove

Price: 4. 27 $


Overall: I really liked the ES eyelashes and the black glue :)

Recommend: I would definitely recommend you to check out the wide variety at KKCenterHK 

XOXO Parisky


Sara.H said...

thanks for the review :) all the lashes look very pretty ^^

ElectronicRainbow - sickly sweet said...

The 075 ones are fantastic! :D Sorry to hear that they were so hard to work with - they look fabulous!

mancina se štima said...

waw super so!! sem jih že občudovala na arsu ;)

Lillian Funny Face said...

Your eyelashes look really amazingly applied for someone who sucks at it :P

Katkoc said...

Samo ti pa pašejo!

nail crazy said...

druge mi se najviše sviđaju...izgledaju mi najprirodnije :-)

wintergurl said...

i like 075 lashes . ur eyes looks sexy weared it :)

G A B Y said...

Oh wow I absolutely hated that black glue! I must say I'm a total noob when it comes to false lashes, but it was so hard to remove! -_-

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Sara.H. You're welcome. They really are pretty.

ElectronicRainbow: I know :/ they are gorgeous but stiff as hell. Maybe bending the crap out of them would help :P

Mancina: Hvala ;))

Lillian: I learned! Yay for me :) But I still struggle a bit.

Katkoc: Hvala :) Vsem pašejo ;)

Nail crazy: Meni so pa druge take najbolj dramatične :D

wintergurl: Thank you!

Gaby: Agree. It took a while to remove, but it goes fairly easy away with an oil based makeup remover (or just oil). But I loved it because it looked like you already had a coat of eyeliner :))