Comparison: Essence Joe and Essence Date me!

My sister Tamara asked me to bring home the nail polish Joe, to do a comparison between it and The One and Only. In the meanwhile she compared The One and Only with Date me! So, that gave me an idea :) Now that I have Joe and I have Date me! and since I'm hating my current manicure .... hmmm :)
So here it is a comparison of Joe and Date me! :)

Joe is a warm lilac color (you can't really tell from the pictures) while Date me! is a light (pastel) lavender purple.

See it for yourself:

This picture was taken under natural light and the pink undertone in Joe is best visible.
Thumb & middle & pinkie = Joe
Index & ring = Date me!

Artificial light

Glamorized :)

I've stamped a flowery pattern on all my fingers using Essence stampy set.
I've used Joe for index & ring finger and Date me! on middle & pinkie :)

Overall: I love Joe, since I don't have anything similar but Date me! is also a very lovely color.

XOXO Parisky


Tamara said...

Meni je vseeeec tale JOE!

Patrycja G. said...

wow very pretty colors!

Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Tamara: jaaaa pretty je :)

Patrycja G: Yes they are ;) Thanks :D

Mimilainna said...

Thanks for noticing my return! =) I really love your new layout, its awesome. And I don't usually buy polishes but I really want the one on your pointer finger. It looks so smooth and the color is just my style.