Mini haul: in the search for Joe

Joe is the name of an Essence be a nail artist nail polish. It's pastel purple or more lilac, as you wish and it's the ONLY one I do not have from the Twins collection!
Since a part of this twins collection is limited edition I want to buy it ASAP.

I was in two Mullers today and they didn't have it!

But I found another polish I wanted to get for some time. Plus I grabbed the orange one, since it was on sale.

Left: juicy orange
Right: in the jungle

I also got some brushes from Ebay. They were like really cheap, so we'll see how they work. But they have a big plus: they're small and so I can take them with me :D

Joe I'll hunt you down!

XOXO Parisky


Thumby11 said...

hehe joe je res lep:)